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Agile Retail - The Future of Stores

iD Agency announces the launch of Agile Retail

‘The Future of Stores’

Press Release, Tuesday 15th September 2020.

Brand experience experts, iD agency announce the launch of their new Agile Retail product. iD believes that Agile Retail has the potential to completely redefine physical retail stores in the UK, and in so doing change the nature of instore retailing and brand-consumer experience forever.

Agile Retail is an entirely flexible, contemporary set of services created to enable brands and retailers to make physical stores successful again.

Rooted in iD’s heritage of 27 years, as the UK’s leading experiential marketing agency, alongside deep experience in extensive retail operations and professional services, iD has honed their insights to enable physical stores to deliver experiences consumers want in 2020. Backed by a team who have years of experience running the retail operations for brands such as Sainsbury’s, Samsung, EE, Tiger, Orla Kiely, Prada, Juicy Couture, TM Lewin & John Lewis; iD’s new retail solution offers, above all, nimble and agile, white-boxed operations, that assist in maximising profits and minimise risks.

iD Group Managing Director Marcus Fox says:

“Agile Retail has been designed to solve the big problems plaguing physical retail today – a total lack of relevance and inspiration, and legacy structures and ways of operating that stifle innovation and adaptation. We are changing that. Agile Retail gives businesses the opportunity to create an amazing, inspiring retail experience which we know will resonate with today’s consumer, whilst providing staffing, operations, and property solutions that enable nimbleness, and fleetness of foot, to adapt and pivot at a much faster pace.”

The Detail

Agile Retail is a modular system of carefully developed retail solutions backed by the iD team’s collective experience. Agile Retail helps business owners to reduce the heavy commercial overheads and commitments that come with running a large retail team.

Working closely with carefully selected partner brands, iD’s team of highly experienced experts will tailor a completely bespoke retailing package, from conception through to launch, trading, and beyond. They will additionally bring together their award-winning knowledge of cut-through brand experiences to help brands reinvent the future of retail.

Already in the marketplace, iD currently operates 14 retail stores for partner retailers, providing a fully outsourced solution and enabling market access for new and fast-growing brands from multiple sectors.

2020 has seen retail taking on a very different role, still selling, still convenient for shoppers but needing to dial up the experience, to remain relevant to consumers, and ultimately worth a visit to a physical store. Agile Retail has been specifically launched to help brands to bridge that gap, brands who particularly want to take back control or re-energise the way their product is retailed, who do not have the capacity to get a product into their consumer's hands, or who wish to merge their retail and marketing offering to create a unique and rememberable consumer brand experience.

iD has consolidated their deep knowledge from partnering with a broad spectrum of brands such as Pepsi, Charlotte Tilbury, and Nespresso, and across multiple industries, to refine and define a brand’s needs in line with their existing capabilities. Agile Retail is a comprehensive yet flexible offering of over 22 different product solutions that include our 5 core pillars.

1. Defining an agile retail strategy, scoping, analysing using insights, and building a business case.

2. Creating a cut-through physical retail experience that includes space and service design, lease negotiation, and fit-out.

3. Engaging talent, through recruitment and training, HR compliance, payroll and performance management.

4. Supplying end-to-end retail operations from systems and payment, inventory, logistics and facilities management, VM, marketing, and promotions.

5. Trading and reviewing retail performance, attribution, and brand impact, and analysing ROI.

In summary

Agile Retail is the perfect solution for brands looking to expand or redefine their existing estate, or to expand into physical retail, be it an existing online retailer or a business looking to open their first stores in the UK. Agile Retail enables them to achieve their business objectives without the large infrastructure, long timescales, and high risk that has been traditionally incurred, whether it is part of a test, part of an experiment, or part of a long-term strategy.


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