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Staffing & People

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Creative & Build

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Trading & Logistics

Outsourced retail staffing with maximum flexibility and cost efficiency.

The best retail talent in the market.
We recruit, train, contract, manage and reward retail store teams; a fully outsourced retail staffing proposition that gives retailers and brands maximum flexibility and maximum cost efficiency; no central teams or overheads to manage your labour workforce; and you only pay for the hours you need.

The most important – and most expensive investment – of retail stores is its people. We believe that retail store staffing needs to completely change from the people planning of old. Store teams need to be more engaging with your consumers than ever before. Gone are the days when a store colleague served customers, in a transactional experience. Today, retail teams must engage, entertain, inspire and educate consumers, providing theatre and excitement as well as a retail service.

Retailers need maximum flexibility within its labour force, and our Engaging services provide just that, with flexible contract arrangements, direct payroll and remuneration services, and industry-leading training and HR capabilities. With 30 years experience providing staffing services to brands, retailers and events, we’ve created an experiential retail staffing base that are uniquely placed to trade retail stores of the future.




With an extensive heritage in attracting and retaining talent, we’re ideally placed to attract and onboard retail store teams. Often with backgrounds in promotional or sales work, we have a ready-to-go nationwide network of over 5,000 employees, as well as regular recruitment and onboarding events.

HR & Legal Compliance

Our Engaging services include full HR & Legal compliance services, including policy and process management, payroll and tax requirements, and performance improvement. All handled by our expert in house team, removing the need for you to build these services.

Performance Management 

Retail stores need the best people. Our Engaging services includes active performance management from our central People teams, ensuring only the very best in the business represent our retailers – and that they get results.



All of our store teams receive best-in-class retail skills training; including sales and consumer engagement, brand promotion, health and safety and food safety where appropriate, and relevant legislative training. Meaning all store staff working for you are accredited and trained by us, providing peace of mind and a significant cost / time efficiency.

Scheduling & Efficiency 

Labour is a retail business’ biggest cost. We help you optimise it. Drawing on significant experience across our customer base, as well as industry expertise, we continually review and flex workforces to match customer demand and drive maximum efficiency from the store experience.

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