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Store Technologies & The Store of Tomorrow

A synergetic retail solution

Combining Agile Retail’s unique Experiment Stores & New Ventures capabilities and Capgemini’s industry-leading retail technology expertise, the Cornershop offers us a playground to showcase and experiment with the technologies of tomorrow.

Our live environment gives us the platform to understand the technologies that are driving retail into the future – through the eyes of real customers.

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Explore the Technologies of CornerShop

Explore the Technologies of CornerShop


We are partnered with frog, part of Capgemini Invent, to operate and develop Cornershop, the Store of Tomorrow.

CornerShop is a live store in London where we transform retail shopping and customer engagement to bring to life the store of tomorrow. 


CornerShop is split into four corners, each exploring fundamental aspects of the shopping experience: the automated store, the augmented store, the purposeful store and the personalised store. Combining real-life products, the latest technologies and personalised experiences, everything on display in CornerShop has been curated based on insights gathered from deep global research and data analysis, as well as our real-world expertise from addressing the challenges faced by clients and their customers every day. CornerShop will continue to evolve and introduce more innovative technology concepts to suit the evolving needs of retailers and brands.

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Join the Global Brands who have experienced CornerShop

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Book a tour

Take a look yourself

CornerShop provides us with the chance to explore technologies that can make a difference to the customer experience today.

If you would like to book a tour at the CornerShop please contact us and we'd be delighted to arrange a viewing.

What brands say

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"A big thank you to the Agile Retail team for connecting on LinkedIn and inviting us along to the retail tech Petri dish that is the ‘cornershop’. 


A few brands have created their own unbranded concept stores for rapid testing but this is the first time I’ve seen many tests housed under one roof. Not a concerted concept store in itself but a rapid testing arena for experimentation in multiple directions.

Lots of exciting innovation in one space, an environment for inspiration and new thought. It is nice to step away from today and consider what the future could hold and how that future could be folded into your own reality"


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