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Entering Retail

Enter physical retail with more confidence and less risk

Establishing physical spaces that pilot new concepts can be daunting in a world predicated on digital and omnichannel experiences. At Agile Retail, we take the long-term risk out of physical retail, giving you more power to experiment.

Get your brand in front of new customers, faster.

Our unique outsourced retail solutions put your brand on the map and in front of your customers, in every capacity. From finding the right location to meet your demographics or creating beautiful spaces with great staffing teams that make an impact, we run your stores for you, so you can focus on the vital job of growing your brand. 

Agile Retail is the world’s only outsourced store solution, helping you get your ‘new to retail’ programme live faster, cheaper and with less risk to your business.


Test, fail, learn, succeed.

We work with brands across the industry to establish themselves in the physical realm, allowing them to test, fail, learn, succeed and innovate with limited spending and lower risk:

Digital to physical transition

Bringing a brand to a new market

Launching a new brand

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Case Study

Being part of the change with IQOS

We support Phillip Morris Limited, one of the world’s largest companies, as they entered UK physical retailing for the first time. The result for IQOS – Phillip Morris’ heated tobacco electronic cigarette brand – is a complete programme of outsourced stores launched across the UK market, giving the brand a physical space to interact with customers, test new concepts and gather valuable feedback for their business, as well as driving commercial return.

In addition to supporting with strategy, staffing and set-up, we are were completely responsible for delivering an accessible retail experience for IQOS customers, taking the risk and resource away from Phillip Morris entirely. Thanks to our years of expertise, we have beenwere able to launch a variety of stores and pop-up locations across the country – introducing customers to new technology and giving IQOS a dominant market position in the UK.

Your agile partner

When it comes to entering retail for the first time or starting your first store, we offer the stability and expertise you need from day one. We remove the need for complex infrastructure, ensuring you get off the ground with less downtime so you can start seeing results sooner. If physical retail is not your primary business model, trust a partner with years of evidence and experience in helping brands build an audience, raise awareness and generate sales.

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A complete service suite for the future of stores.

Each of our services is designed to solve a challenge for your brand. Wherever you’re at in your physical retail journey, we have the knowledge and expertise to support your business and deliver something exceptional.

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Property & Location

Expert retail property services and store location strategy

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Design Build

Designing and building immersive functional retail stores

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Retail Staffing

Outsourced retail staffing with maximum flexibility and cost efficiency

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Logistics & Trading

Retail expertise covering supply chain, logistical and store management


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