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New Ventures & Propositions

Unlock new possibilities in retail with our new venture programmes

At Agile Retail, we help turn your ideas into reality, taking your concepts and propositions and bringing them to life through a combination of experience and expertise. Together, we give you a physical platform to test theories, trial New Ventures and learn through real customer feedback.

Putting customers at the heart of your learning

We know that anyone can put together the mechanics of a physical retail space. Be it a design agency, a staffing agency or an in-house team. But not everyone will give you access to the same level of customer centricity, allowing you to record, see and digest insights in real-time and take action from them.

When we deliver a new venture or retail proposition for your customers, we don’t just create the space and leave it to run itself. We are constantly tweaking elements for further testing and interrogating customer intent to give your brand maximum understanding of what they like and don’t like about your experiment. We know that it’s only with this knowledge that you can determine the success or failure of your programme and take learnings forward for the future.


Unique, turnkey solutions

Using our unique, turnkey solutions, we help you improve your in-store experience, developing innovative strategies that get to the heart of what your brand, your customers – and your future customers – want: 

Digital technologies

Experiential retailing

Physical pilots & experiments

We help create the mindset and environment that's needed to successfully innovate in retail, giving you the time and distance you need to trial concepts before letting us roll it out en masse, or you take it back in-house. 

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Case Study

Pioneering a new venture with Henkel

With an established history of delivering excellence in retail through great products, it would stand to reason that Henkel would have the means to deliver a new physical venture with ease. But innovating in retail, and piloting new concepts for customers, is often fraught with challenges.

We’ve partnered with Henkel to help them deliver a new venture – a customer experience centre called Bricoteca. Our expertise and world-leading turnkey solutions allowed us to to Henkels new venture from the strategy page to the real world in record time, enabling them to introduce different retail formats and start tracking results faster! Deploying Bricoteca outlets in several locations across the UK, we created a complete programme of work to help Henkel make a fast, cost-effective impact with their target customers, providing a unique space to incubate their ideas from concept to scaleability, to truly understand the viability of their venture in this market.

Your proposition partner

For brands looking to deploy new ventures in retail, we offer stability and experience to help you get it right. Our entirely outsourced solutions remove the reliance on complex infrastructure and internal resources, ensuring you can launch your new programmes with less downtime and less cost – so you get results sooner! As your outsourced retail partner, we offer agility in every aspect. When it comes to new ventures and propositions, our teams utilise years of training, as well as live data, to offer advice and strategies, so we can pivot and tweak your retail programmes in line with your customers’ demands.
Looking to launch new ventures in multiple locations all at once? Want to experiment on certain days of the week? Need to reduce scale to focus on specific experiences? We can deploy teams to support your brand wherever and however you need us, ensuring you’re always in control of spend and scale, and allowing you to be as agile as we are.

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A complete service suite for the future of stores.

Each of our services is designed to solve a challenge for your brand. Wherever you’re at in your physical retail journey, we have the knowledge and expertise to support your business and deliver something exceptional.

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Property & Location

Expert retail property services and store location strategy

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Design & Build

Designing and building immersive functional retail stores

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Retail Staffing

Outsourced retail staffing with maximum flexibility and cost efficiency

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Logistics & Trading

Retail expertise covering supply chain, logistical and store management


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