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Creative & Build

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Trading & Logistics

Expert retail property services and store location strategy in the UK.

Retail has always been ever-changing, but the pace and scale of disruption is unprecedented and accelerated. 

We are not consultants; we don’t (and wont!) work with you just to create “blueprints". But we do help specify the objectives of retail stores, the commerciality / return we’ll work to achieve, and the role they can and should play in the brand’s strategy.

Equally importantly, once we’re live, our defining services make sure we review data and results relentlessly, adapt at pace, and continually iterate and innovate to deliver a result.

Retail stores are defined by their physical locations, so our Defining channel also includes bespoke location and property services; analysis and research, coupled with unparalleled market access and ready-made agile property agreements, mean your retail brand can be positioned in the right place to succeed, on the right terms.



Purpose & Scope

Our Agile Retail team work with you to understand the purpose, role and value of retail stores to your brand strategy. We’ll collaborate on key questions, such as why you might invest in retail stores? Why should we work together, and what value might we all gain? What objectives do we have for retail stores? How can we be successful?

Lease Management

Unique in the market place, we negotiate and take on lease commitments on behalf of our retail partners. This allows maximum flexibility and agility to large businesses, as well as providing significant collective commercial negotiating power. Our average lease commitment is 1.2 years, compared to over 10+ in the UK as a whole; so, we give retailers and brands new, exceptionally attractive store estate options. Supported by standardised licenses and leases and an in house legal function, we offer an innovative and unique retail store leasing solution.


Location Strategy

We have deep and extensive knowledge of the retail property landscape, and unparalleled relationships with some of the most extensive portfolios in the industry. Leveraging 26 years of retail and live engagement heritage, we can often suggest retail locations that are unorthodox or unconventional – but may be perfect for an agile retail store.

Consumer Insight

In advance of many of our retail projects going ‘live’, in particular those which are testing new territories, propositions or concepts, we offer consumer insights services to best inform our commercial assumptions. From primary research engagements to leveraging some of the best data and analytics in the industry, we provide the best planning possible for a retail business.

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