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Chapter Overview

The next chapter of The Retail Book Club takes a look at the role of brand experiences in today's landscape. The transactional relationship that storefronts once represented – and their relationships with branded goods - has morphed into a far more interactive and experience-led venture, one that can have profound effects on customer perception.


Join us as we re-write the book of retail and discuss the importance of brand experiences on consumers, and how we can better apply these in retail.

Food & Drink

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The Groucho Club
45 Dean St,
London, W1D 4QB

We'll Discuss...


The value of experiential retail.

Experiential retail can increase brand awareness and brand differentiation as well as engage and immerse customers in new and unique ways.


How do you make these experiences memorable?

Being memorable is not only a matter of creating an enjoyable experience but also essential in creating a unique and often subversive interaction.


Experience as an extension of a brand.

When committing to experiential retail the experience presented to customers must align with the brand and product.


What success looks like beyond the transaction.

How do we quantify the impact that experiential retail provides if the transactional metric is no longer a priority?


Nad Hussein Headshot.jpg

Nad Hussein

Brand Manager - Pepsi

As a Pepsi Brand Manager at Britvic, Nad leads the commercial strategy and execution of one of the world's most iconic soft drink brands. He will share his experience in delivering consumer-centric brand experiences that drive growth, loyalty, and advocacy.


8:30am – Arrival & Introductions
8:45am – Breakfast
9:00am – Kick-off with Nad
9:15am – Discussion
10:15am – Close

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What is The Retail Book Club?

At Agile Retail, we’re deeply passionate about the intricate dynamics of retail stores and the perpetual evolution of the retail landscape. We’re always trying new things and working with others to transform the retail landscape. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of retailers, each offering unique perspectives and insights that have further ignited our determination to redefine the narrative of retail in 2024.
The Retail Book Club brings together a small group of industry experts representing a wide spectrum of retail domains who
re-write the book of retail. Together, we delve into a different topic each month, exchanging anecdotes, best practices, and thought-provoking ideas that underscore this dynamic industry. Our events are designed to be intimate and exclusive, fostering an environment conducive to meaningful dialogue and a deep exploration of the challenges and opportunities that define the retail landscape.
Thank you for joining us, your insights and contributions are invaluable as we collectively endeavour to shape the future of retail.

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