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British Retail Consortium Webinar: The Store of the Future (is Here!)

Catch up and watch iD Group Managing Director, Marcus Fox, and Ted Baker Chief Customer Officer, Jennifer Roebuck, discuss the future of the store alongside the BRC Insight Project Specialist, Tina Spooner.

"Customer's have never had more choice as to where to physically buy their product."

In this webinar hosted by the British Retail Consortium, the group discusses how customers are more digitally enabled than ever before - so what do retailers need to do to combat this, and who is doing it well? Topics of conversation include:

- Disruption, Innovation, and Strategy - Omni-commerce

- Immersive & Aset ROI

- Why a Store?

- Personalisation

- Fulfilment

- Customer Missions

- Commerce Services

- Store as Marketing

Click on the thumbnail below to start watching.


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