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Athleisure Brands who are Nailing Physical Retail

We have put together a list of our favourite omni-channel retailers who are approaching customer experience and experiential retail, in an innovative and agile way.

Who: Sweaty Betty

What: 3 floor retail store incorporating fitness, food, and beauty with an onsite café, blow dry bar and Pilates studio.

Where: London

Why we love it?

· Destination – the retail experience being a secondary offering and not the main focus.

· Collaboration – a growing trend for retailers, brands joining-together to give consumers more reasons to come through the door.

· Brand Awareness - collaborations are a clever tool to help introduce your brand to a new audience and add value to your loyal customers.

Who: Canada Goose

What: Instore ‘Cold Rooms’ with temperatures of -25°C where consumers are encouraged to put their coat’s thermal capabilities to the test.

Where: Flagship stores worldwide

Why we love it?

· Product testing – A simple and effective way to really demonstrate a product’s capabilities.

· Twist on a classic - Upgrading the normal changing room experience for something much more interactive and exciting.

· Customer Experience - This is clever way to enhance both your CX, and retail strategy.

Who: Lululemon

What: A ‘community hub’ with office space and café.

Where: Manhattan

Why we love it?

· Delivery convenience – consumers can purchase instore and then have their products delivered straight to their home, office, or hotel. No carrying awkward shopping bags around.

· Information hub – ability to book fitness classes and find out about local running routes – above and beyond customer experience that is on brand.

· Community – help your customers to feel an extended part of the brand and create a seamless omni-channel retail experience.

Who: Size?

What: Shoe cleaning and restoration service drop off instore: Size x Jason Markk.

Where: London

Why we love it?

· Exclusive – the only place to receive Jason Markk service outside LA

· Relevant – it is sometimes hard to draw the line between experience for the sake of adding frills and a genuine concept that customers want and will draw more customers into the store and keep them there.

· Sustainability – a huge growing trend for the way consumers shop and Size have got it right by not only encouraging their customers to look after their products but giving them the tools to do so.

Disclaimer: store openings and experiential activities may be affected due to current Covid19 Government restrictions in place.


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