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Opportunities on the High Street in 2021.

How to rethink and reinvent the retail space.

As a bright spotlight is shone upon the failed model of department-store retailing, with high street giants like John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser facing declining footfall and shrinking relevance…. how do brands who are strategically reliant on these concessions start to plan for a new retail future?

And similarly, whilst 80% of all retail sales still happen in-store, is it really possible for online-only brands to make the move to bricks and mortar in what is potentially the most challenging year ever?

On 19th November Agile Retail will be running an exclusive digital event featuring leading voices in the world of retail innovation and brand growth, to explore these questions further and discuss the practical ways we can approach physical retail in 2021.

Using real-world examples and case studies, we'll share practical ways that brands can rethink and reinvent the retail space; from short term pop ups and in-store experiences, to semi-permanent 'destination stores' that can be rolled out and switched to different locations - meaning bigger gains without the complexity, commitment and commercial risk.

Our panellists will be giving their insight on

· What are the opportunities for brands in physical retail in 2021 and onwards?

· How can brands who are either digital first or have traditionally relied on third party retailers explore this opportunity? What are the biggest challenges and considerations?

· How can you experiment in retail without committing huge investments – short term pop ups, agile retail stores, outsourced models?

· How do you design physical retail environments so they can be moved around depending on where the footfall is?

· What are some practical examples where brands have managed to do this successfully with minimal investment?

· What are they key things to know and do to win in retail stores?

We hope you can join us!

Virtual event details

Thursday 19th November | 10:00AM - 11:00AM

Find out who the panellists are secure your spot here:

If you can’t make the event, we will be publishing the key discussion points and tips from the panel here – stay tuned!

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