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Putting Experiential Retail at the Heart of the High Street

1st March 2021 - iD Agency Agile Retail, announces BRC Associate Membership

iD is proudly the UK’s first experiential marketing agency to join the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Our associate membership solidifies iD’s position as the trailblazing retail and experiential agency through both our Agile Retail product, the UK’s only fully outsourced retail solution, and award-winning, world-class brand experiences, and activations.

Combining iD’s 25+ years of independent and original thinking in brand experience, pop-ups, and retail we will work alongside the BRC in-order-to accelerate our leading role in shaping retail strategies and future-fit creative solutions during this critical time.

iD’s Group Managing Director, Marcus Fox states:

“There has never been a better time to rip up the retail rulebook. We are thrilled to be working alongside such formidable partners as the BRC, the UK’s authoritative voice of retail’. I’m looking forward to helping shape and structure a better future for retailers and consumers at this diverse and critical time and are proud that we offer such a diverse range of expertise and insights into how to deliver a more agile approach to retail strategy.”

The BRC is the UK’s leading retail trade association, representing some of the most prestigious retail businesses including eBay, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Asos, and M&S. Its collective of over 170 major retail members and associates deliver an estimated £180bn of annual retail sales and employ over 1.5 million employees.

The BRC commented that:

“Retailing will continue to evolve and advance. Online retail will continue to grow as retailers invest in new emerging technologies; those stores remaining will offer new experiences; there will be fewer, but better jobs and a career in retail in the future will be very different from today. We are committed to ensuring the industry thrives through this period of transformation.”

At iD we are here to help your brand succeed in retail stores through our Agile Retail product. We will be using our BRC Associate membership to stay abreast of both policy updates, news, and insights, to work alongside the collective retail community to add value to our partners and clients.

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