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Ambassador Programme

Solutions provided

  • Entering Retail

  • New Venture & Proposition

Industry-leading assisted sales and demonstrations for a world renowned brand, as well as managing the largest brand ambassador programme in the UK.

What we built

An award winning programme

Over a 10 year partnership, we’ve managed the largest brand ambassador programme in the UK, with over 20,000 staffing days per year in hundreds of retail touchpoints.

Engaging best-in-class teams across the country, with an industry leading sales training, coaching, development, reward and analytics programme, we’ve helped convert hundreds of thousands of new customers to Nespresso, and sold millions of coffee capsules along the way.

The award winning programme allows us to deploy expert, engaging sales teams into retail environments, creating brand awareness and affinity as well as driving commercial return.

As part of this programme, we work closely with commercial retail partners to ensure accreditation, compliance and effective partnership.

20,000 days per year

+150 retained brand ambassadors

£millions of machine and capsule sales

10 year programme

+100 retail locations


What problems are we solving?

Consideration and choice – increasing customer awareness and understanding of the Nespresso brand, enabling more consumers to choose Nespresso as part of their lives.

Commercially effective sales – delivering a stretching programme of coffee and machine sales each year, driving sales and good return on investment.

Flexible retail workforce – an industry leading retained brand ambassador model, offering maximum flexibility and agility, whilst retaining excellent performers and creating brand advocacy amongst retail teams.

Effective talent management – bespoke, fit for purpose recruitment, training and commission / retention structures, ensuring we engage the right talent, all the time


"Agile gets us the right calibre of person every single time!"

Vince Alfieri | UK Commercial Director

The business is very highly thought of by the Nespresso team!

Steve Clack | National B2C Manager

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