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Grain & Graze


Solutions provided

  • Experimentation Stores

  • New Ventures & Propositions

Bringing to life the UK’s leading pulses and grains brand, increasing cooking at home through creating and trading an amazing retail food experience.

What we built

An immersive taste experience

We worked on a long term retail strategy with Merchant Gourmet, the UK’s best selling pulses and grains brand, to help more consumers, retailers and trade partners taste, appreciate, consider and buy more frequently as part of everyday cooking.

By creating and trading a food retail experience, we gave consumers the best possible environment to taste, understand and purchase the brand.

As a functioning restaurant and takeaway, as well as a brand immersion centre, the dining experience also focused on delivering a commercial return.

+30,000 dishes served

+ Shop-in-shop and pop up retail activations

2 new retail listings with multiples

16m reach

Concept rolled out as supermarket shop-in-shop


What problems are we solving?

Invigorating shopping centre retail – Introducing new thinking to the shopping centre model, allowing commercial landlords to “become retailers” via the Agile Retail model.

Delivering on localism – Curating local brands and amplifying awareness and consideration for independent local producers, enabling new revenue streams.

Low-risk retail – fully outsourced retail business, allowing our partner greater flexibility on leases, CAPEX, and overhead commitment

Retail Success - Establishing a destination which will entice guests to explore a wider variety of local products, delivering commercial success from repurposing  vacant units

Merchant blog.jpg

What better way to inspire people than to come here and try these products? Its been amazing!

James Kowszun | Leathams Managing Director

We spent many years trying to figure out how to take MG to the masses, and this is that; its allowed us to smash it!

Clive Moxham | Leathams Commercial Director

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