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Creating, supplying, trading and engaging talent in UK-wide retail store portfolio for one of the world’s biggest companies.

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Being a part of

the change 

Since 2017, we have been the fully outsourced retail operations partner for IQOS, the innovative heated tobacco product developed and owned by Philip Morris Limited.

In addition to creating premium, welcoming and educational retail environments, we provide engaging store staff to all stores and supporting activities, our full suite of Trading  solutions, whilst supplying a wide range of products through our Logistics network.

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Key stats

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15 stores across the UK

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+ Shop-in-shop and pop up retail activations

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+100 store staff in role

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Millions of products traded at +99% availability

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What problems are we solving?

  • New and complex product to market – providing a welcoming, accessible retail experience for customers to discover a new technology.

  • High barrier to entry; a significant assisted sale - providing expert help and support to transition from conventional cigarettes.

  • Low-risk retail – fully outsourced retail operations, allowing greater flexibility on property, CAPEX, simpler overhead commitment.

  • Agility – using our agile retail product, integrated with other customers, allows efficient and quick scaling of resources to adapt to macro changes or strategic shifts. 

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What are we most proud of?

  • Providing an agile, flexible and collaborative retail solution across multiple services and channels, highly valued by one of the largest consumer goods brands in the world.

  • Working with our partner closely to constantly develop and innovate the retail experience.

  • Our sophisticated and real time supply chain solution, which has enabled us to deliver 99% availability over millions of miles.

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What do our Partners say?

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It is very great to see that every project we work with you demonstrate that you are such a strong business partner rather than being an agency to us.

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It is phenomenal that we managed to search, find, design, build, recruit, train, set up and open 2 stores in 6 weeks. This was great example of agility, team work, cross functional collaboration .

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