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Bricoteca New Venture Launch

Solutions provided

  • New Venture & Proposition

  • Innovation in stores

Creating and experimenting with a new business venture for one of the worlds biggest consumer goods companies. A new experiential retail premise:
A workshop dedicated to the creative community – carpentry, DIY and restoration.

Bricoteca UK Venture

Bricoteca UK Venture

What we built

Venturing: A New Creative Community

Working across multiple market, we have worked with Henkel to scope, develop and put live a whole new business venture, helping the brand move beyond distribution of consumer goods, and experimenting with a new experiential retail venture.

Starting with an intensive period of strategic development, we undertook an comprehensive research activity to understand local market requirements. Encompassing online and offline assumption development, we developed a proposition based on deep research into our target locations, market, consumer segments, pricing and specific Course propositions.

Our teams have designed, built, staff and operate our Bricoteca stores, responsible for the development of the venture – marketing to and acquiring customers, providing a first-class experiential retail activity, and building the commercial viability of Brictoeca stores.

In addition to our outsourced retail trading services, our New Ventures programme is enabling continual experimentation and development of the retail offer. Using our real-world customer insight tools, and our Insights to Action experimentation approach, we’re executing hundreds of experiments and developments of the retail offer, to ensure we can produce a commercially successful retail business.