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Beleaf UK


Solutions provided

  • Entering retail

  • Innovation in stores

Creating a new retail brand and store experience; supplying, trading & engaging talent to launch and grow an internationally established CBD producer in the UK

What we built

A revolutionary milestone for CBD

A partnership that commenced in 2019, working with MPX International, one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies.
We’ve created beleaf, a brand new retail experience based brand for the UK market, to bring greater understanding and effective commercialisation of CBD, one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the world.

Defining and optimising the retail strategy, we create immersive and consultative retail stores, as well as providing engaging store staff to all stores and supporting activities, our full suite of Trading  solutions, and whilst supplying a wide range of products through our Logistics network.

2 UK stores designed and launched in 6 months

1000 captive customers, regularly repurchasing

4000 interactions with curious consumers

17 brand partnerships

250 SKU’s integrated to our supply chain


What problems are we solving?

New and complex product to market – providing a welcoming, accessible retail experience for customers to discover and understand a nascent science and product

High barrier to entry; a complex sale! - providing expert help and support to consumers who often have complex medical or psychological needs

Effective market entry– using our agile retail product, integrated with other customers, allows efficient and quick scaling of resources to launch and scale in the UK, as well as pivot and change as learnings manifest

Low-risk retail – fully outsourced retail business, allowing our partner greater flexibility on leases, CAPEX, overhead commitment

Commerciality challenges – utilising our strategic and marketing services to achieve maximum commercial return, faster


We wouldn’t have had any idea of how to operate retail in the UK, and we wouldn’t have been successful were it not for you guys. This is a great partnership for us.

Daniel Fryer | MPX International

This first beleaf store is an escalation of our mission to be trailblazers of CBD access in the UK, European Union and globally. We are creating a first-mover advantage by creating a go-to retail brand in Beleaf.

W.Scott Boyes | CEO, MPX International

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