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Creating and running a localism focused retail brand for one of the UK’s largest commercial landlords. Designing and building, then supplying, trading and managing a retail concept to showcase the best that local producers have to offer, and developing new revenue streams for commercial landlords

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Building a Localism Focused Retail Brand

Our partnership with Landsec commenced in 2020, and we’re helping the established commercial landlord develop new revenue streams post-pandemic. 

In an age of an increasing focus on localism, food miles and sustainability, we helped Landsec develop a new retail property strategy to capitalise on what the new consumer “wants” and invigorate physical retail in shopping centres. In Kent there is such a wide variety of high-quality independent producers and over the years Bluewater has hosted some of these brands in stand-alone pop up shops which have always been well received by consumers.

With this in mind we’ve created Produced in Kent as our test locally-focused store at Bluewater, housed in a former Mothercare unit and ranging up to 20 local producers.
Defining and optimising the retail strategy, we create immersive and consultative retail stores, as well as providing engaging store staff to all stores and supporting activities, our full suite of Trading  solutions, and whilst supplying a wide range of products through our Logistics network

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Key stats

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Store designed and launched within 10 weeks

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Creating a new retailing strategy for a commercial landlord

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Designing a brand-partnership for +20 brands in a single marketplace

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Showcasing product to +300 customers a day

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200 SKUs integrated into Agile Retail supply chain

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What problems are we solving?

  • Invigorating shopping centre retail – Introducing new thinking to the shopping centre model, allowing commercial landlords to “become retailers” via the Agile Retail model.

  • Delivering on localism – Curating local brands and amplifying awareness and consideration for independent local producers, enabling new revenue streams.

  • Low-risk retail – fully outsourced retail business, allowing our partner greater flexibility on leases, CAPEX, and overhead commitment

  • Retail Success - Establishing a destination which will entice guests to explore a wider variety of local products, delivering commercial success from repurposing  vacant units

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What are we most proud of?

  • Providing an inspiring platform for independent brands to showcase and sell their products within an iconic shopping centre

  • Creating a blueprint localism focused retail concept that can be deployed to all major shopping centre locations

  • Commercial return – our test store has been commercially successful, meeting over 300 consumers a day since opening!

  • Best in class talent – deploying agile and flexible engagement-led store teams who demonstrate local products effectively

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What do our Partners say?

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‘Jill and I were at the shop yesterday afternoon and we were both blown away – what a fantastic job done in such a short time frame! Many, many thanks to you all from us at Produced in Kent.’

Floortje Hoette

Chief Executive

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Just wanted to thank all of you for a fantastic delivery of the Produced in Kent shop. The feedback we have received from the team as been phenomenal and are really happy with the presentation and execution of the shop.

Heinz Kloihofer

Experiences Manager, Landsec

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