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Field sales solutions for an innovative new consumer electronics brand in the tobacco category.

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Field Sales Across the UK - B2B & B2C

Across 2019 and 2020, we have supported the roll out of IQOS across national and local retailers in the UK.

We’ve installed impactful POS and displays in stores around the country, and supported these by a successful, professional field force team.


Responsible for engaging local retailers to purchase and range this exciting new electronics product, the Field Force has built long-standing, trusted relationships with B2B retailers. Over 7,000 retailers now range the IQOS product as a result of a concerted field force effort.


Our team also provides on site brand ambassador field support, engaging with customers instore, trialling and demonstrating the product, as well as specifically selling to end consumers.


As part of this project, we have also provided a dedicated B2B delivery service – iDeliver – allowing retailers to order additional stock of products and receive next day delivery, keeping our network of stores fully stocked across the UK.

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Key stats

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+7,000 retailers supported via Field Force

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+200 Field Force staff

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+40% purchase rate from engaged customers

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+300 iDeliver Deliveries of additional stock per week

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Real time reporting and analytics

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What problems are we solving?

  • New electronic brand education – IQOS is an innovative new product; we’re leading the adoption of this new way of enjoying tobacco. The Field Force team has engaged thousands of retailers to understand the brand, the technology, and range the product in their stores.

  • Range and distribution – Key to the success of IQOS, the Field Force has build strong, long lasting relationships with retailers, ensuring IQOS branded POS and products are in store, on display and promoted effectively to every customer.

  • Supply Chain & Availability – the introduction of our dedicated delivery service to retailers – iDeliver – has meant that top up orders can be taken and fulfilled within 24 hours, 7 days a week. Helping keep the product on the shelf for customers to buy!

  • Effective talent management – bespoke, fit for purpose recruitment, training and commission / retention structures, ensuring we engage the right talent, all the time. 

  • Managing large, complex remote teams – Field force teams are remote workers and require skilled management to ensure they are well trained, brand inducted, and delivering results – we solve that challenge! 

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What are we most proud of?

  • Driving Sales – the field force and reseller staffing programmes has driven significant new sales for the brand, increasing market share year on year significantly.

  • Analytics and increased ROI– our integrated reporting and analytics capabilities means insights are shared in real time, enabling planning decisions and optimisation to occur rapidly and effectively, increasing ROI.

  • Large scale delivery – field force, promotional staffing and logistics capabilities in place country-wide, for over 7000 retailers.

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What do our Partners say?

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By working in partnership, we have been able to meet customer demand in the heated tobacco category throughout the country. So here’s to you!

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