We support your business with agile

solutions to help you innovate, test and

operate in new retail environments.

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We remove risk from retail strategies, enabling brands totest, scale and evolve into stores of the future

At Agile Retail, we know that delivering something bold and new in retail is difficult.
So we make experimentation easy, effective and exciting.

Our suite of outsourced retail solutions cover every aspect of your strategy, so you can innovate, redefine and switch up the way you do retail. With minimal risk to your business and scalability at its core.

With Agile Retail at the helm, you’re free to focus on the bigger picture – delivering an exceptional experience to your customers time and time again.

This is what risk-free retail can really look like.

This is the future of stores.

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Trusted by some of the world's biggest retail brands

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Sourcing affordable and flexible term agreements that mitigate forced closures and the long-term commitment to a physical presence.

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Creative spaces that showcase your brand and connect with your customers for an enhanced, omnichannel shopping experience.

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Flexible end-to-end recruitment solutions, from sourcing to contracting, and retaining the right people for your brand while eliminating ongoing expenses.

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Fully outsourced supply chain that optimises production, inventory and fulfilment for greater flexibility to meet the demands of your customers.

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Operations management that resolves day-to-day challenges around finance, compliance, and health and safety to shift focus onto core business needs.

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We managed to find, design, recruit, train, set up and open two stores in just 6 weeks.

This was a great example of agility, team work and cross functional collaboration.

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Risk-free pilots and
testing for IQOS

IQOS wanted to bring their new and innovative product to market, so they needed an experienced partner in outsourced retail. 


We created a pioneering, scalable retail strategy that made a big impact with their target consumers, ultimately helping them to break through the high barrier to entry.


That’s why they chose Agile Retail.


To get all the details on how we’ve made IQOS’ retail experimentation a success, you can download the full case study.

De-risk your retail innovation today. Let's have a conversation.

If you're ready to pilot something revolutionary, we're ready to help.

Speak to our expert in retail experimentation, James, today and kickstart your brand's transformation.

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James Howitt

Providing outsourced solutions to pilot retail innovation.

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